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Farm Attack
Tuesday 19.11.2012 on 20.02.2013 um 15:34 (UTC)
 The South African farming community
has suffered from attacks for many years.The majority of the victims have been Afrikaner farmers, with claims of death tolls of up to 3,000 cited in the national and international media.While the government describes the attacks as simply part of the bigger picture of crime in South Africa, white farmers point to brutal attacks and incidents involving self-declared anti-white motivations as evidence of a campaign to drive them off their land.

In 2010, the issue garnered greater international attention in light of the murder of the far-right political figure Eugène Terre'Blanche on his farmFarm murders and attacks should be recognised for the national crisis that it is and therefore deserving of priority status and focused attention," the SRI said in a report, which was compiled with the help of a number of experts.The report forms part of a campaign against farm murders by Solidarity, the SRI, which is a division of the union, AfriForum, which is an independent, civil rights initiative of the union, and its publishing house Kraal Uitgewers.It deals with the nature and extent of farm attacks, the levels of violence during the attacks, and the psychological effects on victims.

The debate on motives for farm attacks has been one of the most newsworthy subjects of the past year. A lot of energy has been consumed by this debate.The time has come to work together towards a solution. The Security Forces have a plan in a place called the Rural Protection Plan (RPP). Although not yet perfect, it is proving to be effective in certain areas.It is a fact that in areas where the farming community support the Plan and is actively involved in it and is working with the Security Forces, farm attacks are very low. This has to indicate that the Plan does prevent perpetrators from attacking, and that’s what South Africa needs!

The object of the RPP is to protect the farming communities including those living on smallholdings. The RPP is based on the involvement of all possible role-players concerned with rural safety and is structured to coordinate all these role-players in terms of joint planning, operational activities, preventative measures, monitoring and training.It should also be borne in mind that the decision to integrate the RPP with Operation Akantus II, did not bring about the end of the plan. To the contrary, not only does the Plan continue to exist as part of the Operation, but its inclusion into the Operation enables more effective control of the Plan.The RPP comprises of two main legs, Home and Hearth Protection and Area Bound Reaction Forces.

Lets face it – whatever the motives – these attacks must STOP! The only way in which to stop them is to prevent them. We need to be more pro-active in our way of thinking and in our daily actions.

Physical Protection Measures

A fence around the house with lockable gates is better than a high wall due to the advantage of visibility. Razor wire, barbed wire, empty tins or bells can be attached to the fence to increase the early-warning capability. Remember that gates must be kept locked.
Security gates with sturdy locks in front of each outer door as well as burglarproofing covering each window. Keep security gates locked at all times.
A security gate inside the house dividing the sleeping quarters from the rest of the house could prove vital in the event of physical penetration of the house. The emergency communication system should preferably be installed in this area.
Firearms must at all times be readily accessible and where possible be carried on the person. Ensure that weapons are always serviceable and that the handler is qualified to use the weapon.
A siren/alarm on the roof with a few switches in the house can be heard over a long distance if other communication methods fail. It is important to test these devices regularly and to ensure that they can be heard over long distances.
Guard dogs and geese are a good warning system. Keep them locked in close to the house so that strangers cannot get to them easily.
Early Warning Signs
Strangers present in, or strolling about the area without any apparent reason.
Strange vehicles making use of farm roads or even camping in the area. Look out for foreign tracks.
Deviations from the norm in employees’ behaviour. Abnormally high consumption or purchase of foodstuffs by employees. Change in the behaviour of current employees soon after the hiring of a new employee.
The unexplainable death of a watchdog.
Be on the lookout for evidence of the presence of intruders, e.g. empty bottles or tins, cartridge cases, paper remnants, torn off buttons, torn off material, foot or shoe prints, burnt out fires at apparent camp sites, waterholes and river beds, remnants of meals, cigarette butts, empty boxes, excrement, string etc.
The theft of food, fuel, livestock and game.
Strangers visiting your premises for apparently good reasons and then trying to make unobtrusive observations.
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Farm Attack
Tuesday 19.11.2012 on 20.02.2013 um 15:34 (UTC)
 The South African farming community
has suffered from attacks for many years.The majority of the victims have been Afrikaner farmers, with claims of death tolls of up to 3,000 cited in the national and international media.While the government describes the attacks as simply part of the bigger picture of crime in South Africa, white farmers point to brutal attacks and incidents involving self-declared anti-white motivations as evidence of a campaign to drive them off their land.

In 2010, the issue garnered greater international attention in light of the murder of the far-right political figure Eugène Terre'Blanche on his farmFarm murders and attacks should be recognised for the national crisis that it is and therefore deserving of priority status and focused attention," the SRI said in a report, which was compiled with the help of a number of experts.The report forms part of a campaign against farm murders by Solidarity, the SRI, which is a division of the union, AfriForum, which is an independent, civil rights initiative of the union, and its publishing house Kraal Uitgewers.It deals with the nature and extent of farm attacks, the levels of violence during the attacks, and the psychological effects on victims.

The debate on motives for farm attacks has been one of the most newsworthy subjects of the past year. A lot of energy has been consumed by this debate.The time has come to work together towards a solution. The Security Forces have a plan in a place called the Rural Protection Plan (RPP). Although not yet perfect, it is proving to be effective in certain areas.It is a fact that in areas where the farming community support the Plan and is actively involved in it and is working with the Security Forces, farm attacks are very low. This has to indicate that the Plan does prevent perpetrators from attacking, and that’s what South Africa needs!

The object of the RPP is to protect the farming communities including those living on smallholdings. The RPP is based on the involvement of all possible role-players concerned with rural safety and is structured to coordinate all these role-players in terms of joint planning, operational activities, preventative measures, monitoring and training.It should also be borne in mind that the decision to integrate the RPP with Operation Akantus II, did not bring about the end of the plan. To the contrary, not only does the Plan continue to exist as part of the Operation, but its inclusion into the Operation enables more effective control of the Plan.The RPP comprises of two main legs, Home and Hearth Protection and Area Bound Reaction Forces.

Lets face it – whatever the motives – these attacks must STOP! The only way in which to stop them is to prevent them. We need to be more pro-active in our way of thinking and in our daily actions.

Physical Protection Measures

A fence around the house with lockable gates is better than a high wall due to the advantage of visibility. Razor wire, barbed wire, empty tins or bells can be attached to the fence to increase the early-warning capability. Remember that gates must be kept locked.
Security gates with sturdy locks in front of each outer door as well as burglarproofing covering each window. Keep security gates locked at all times.
A security gate inside the house dividing the sleeping quarters from the rest of the house could prove vital in the event of physical penetration of the house. The emergency communication system should preferably be installed in this area.
Firearms must at all times be readily accessible and where possible be carried on the person. Ensure that weapons are always serviceable and that the handler is qualified to use the weapon.
A siren/alarm on the roof with a few switches in the house can be heard over a long distance if other communication methods fail. It is important to test these devices regularly and to ensure that they can be heard over long distances.
Guard dogs and geese are a good warning system. Keep them locked in close to the house so that strangers cannot get to them easily.
Early Warning Signs
Strangers present in, or strolling about the area without any apparent reason.
Strange vehicles making use of farm roads or even camping in the area. Look out for foreign tracks.
Deviations from the norm in employees’ behaviour. Abnormally high consumption or purchase of foodstuffs by employees. Change in the behaviour of current employees soon after the hiring of a new employee.
The unexplainable death of a watchdog.
Be on the lookout for evidence of the presence of intruders, e.g. empty bottles or tins, cartridge cases, paper remnants, torn off buttons, torn off material, foot or shoe prints, burnt out fires at apparent camp sites, waterholes and river beds, remnants of meals, cigarette butts, empty boxes, excrement, string etc.
The theft of food, fuel, livestock and game.
Strangers visiting your premises for apparently good reasons and then trying to make unobtrusive observations.

Man killed in farm attack near Jhb
2013-01-30 10:16 on 20.02.2013 um 10:38 (UTC)
 Johannesburg - A farm foreman was killed and his employer was critically wounded in a farm attack in Olifantsfontein, near Kempton Park, it was reported on Wednesday.

Four armed men held up foreman Edward Fouche, 30, and farmer Gert van Wyk, 40, at a stall on the farm Elandsfontein on Monday, ordering them to lie on the ground, Beeld reported.

One of them killed Fouche, Van Wyk's brother Riaan told the newspaper.

"He then pointed the weapon at my brother, who turned away and curled into a foetal position to protect himself. They shot him in the back, and the bullet went right through his intestines, then exited," he said.

Captain Julia Claasen reportedly said the robbers kicked open the door to the office, where Gert Van Wyk's wife was counting the day's takings, and took the money before driving off in a blue Nissan bakkie.

According to Beeld, Van Wyk was in a critical condition in hospital.


Farm murders in South Africa – CNN
http://www.sabc.co.za/news/a/a51c4e804d1ef0a89856f9e570eb4ca2/Farm-murders-remain-a-concern-20121018 on 20.02.2013 um 10:34 (UTC)
 On the one hand there are those who argue that farmers are more at risk of being targeted by violent criminals than the average citizen. This includes those who represent organised agriculture.

Some go as far as claiming that there is a political motive behind these attacks, with the objective of forcing white farmers off the land. Indeed, people like Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch go even further and claim that the nature and extent of farm murders show worrying signs of genocide.

On the other hand, there are those who argue that the criminal victimisation of farmers is no different than that faced by South Africans in general.

The absence of proper statistics contributes to the confusion and lack of clarity on the issue. For example, the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), using statistics inter alia from the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa (TAUSA), concluded in a press statement on 5 October 2012 that farmers were not uniquely vulnerable to armed attacks when compared to the general population.

However, a week later on 11 October, the SAIRR announced that on the basis of new information received it was prepared to concede that farmers (exclusive of their families and workers) were ‘twice as likely’ to be murdered in South Africa than ordinary citizens.

Back in 1997, the South African Government used to believe that farmers were ‘uniquely’ targeted for violent and murderous attacks.

Given that farms play a crucial role in ensuring the country’s food security, in 1997 the Minister of Safety and Security, Sydney Mufamadi, called for a joint task team comprising members of the South African Police Service (SAPS), the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and organised agriculture to develop a plan to improve security on farms.

This resulted in what became known as the Rural Protection Plan (RPP) in the same year. In 1999, a Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (JOINTS) Priority Committee on Rural Safety chaired by a senior police officer with the rank of Major General was established to ensure that rural safety was managed as a national security priority.

The seriousness of the situation caused the SAPS to include figures for farm attacks and murders in its annual reports from 2001/02 to 2006/07. In 2001, the Minister of Police directed the SAPS National Commissioner to establish a Committee of Inquiry into farm attacks.

In 2003, the Committee published its findings that, among others, 89,3% of the attacks against farms were primarily criminal in nature for the purposes of robbery, with no evidence being found to support allegations that there were political motives behind these crimes.

Then President Thabo Mbeki, without any consultation or prior warning, announced the closing down of the ‘commandos’, the cornerstone of the RPP. He stated that the SAPS would replace the commandos with an alternative system consisting of police reservists, crime combating units and sector policing.

The SAPS in its annual reports after 2006/07 stopped reporting on farm attacks and murders and a new Rural Safety Strategy (RSS) was adopted in 2011. The RSS is not focused on the security of farms, but is aimed at rural security in general. In essence this means that the government no longer regards farm security as a priority.

Was the government right to stop prioritising farm security? According to the Report of the Committee of Inquiry, there were 6 122 farm attacks in the decade between 1991 and 2001, resulting in 1 254 murders.


Wat gaan dit nóg kos om regering oor plaasaanvalle te laat luister?
Posted by CBB on 20.02.2013 um 10:31 (UTC)
 Volgens oorlewering het koningin Marié-Antoinette oor die honger gepeupel buite gesê: “As hulle dan nie brood het om te eet nie, laat hulle koek eet.” Toe rol haar kop – letterlik.

Toe Afriforum ‘n petisie oor plaasaanvalle aan die minister van polisie wou oorhandig, sê die minister Afriforum is besig met ‘n publisiteitsfoefie. Intussen het plaasmoorde nie opgehou nie, soos nog gister deur Maroela berig is.

Die leiers van politieke partye wat wél gereeld mediaverklarings oor plaasmoorde uitreik, en dit nié vir goedkoop publisiteit doen nie, moet diep delf om woorde te vind daarvoor om nie soos ‘n vasgehaakte plaat te klink nie. In Afrikaans is daar ‘n ryke verskeidenheid uitdrukkings om te sê iemand is gekoring of het streepsuiker gekry, maar vir plaasmoorde is daar maar een woord. Selfs die byvoeglike naamwoorde soos wrede, grusame en skokkende is voor die einde van Januarie elke jaar reeds “uitgeput.” Maar plaasmoorde en plaasaanvalle stop nie aan die einde van Januarie nie, en dit hou ook nie aan die einde van Desember van ‘n gegewe jaar op nie.

Die regering, die regerende ANC en ‘n paar politieke partye het duidelik nie ‘n probleem om woorde te vind nie, want hulle laat hulle amper nooit daaroor uit nie.

Die publiek sou waarskynlik erg ontgogel wees sou hulle weet wat dikwels agter die skerms aangaan – hoe plaasmoorde ‘n politieke skaakspel word. ‘n Geskokte Wes-Kaapse provinsiale leier van ‘n klein opposisieparty wou sy party se nasionale stem oor plaasaanvalle laat hoor, en daag op by ‘n beraad van provinsiale leiers met die partyleier met ‘n reeds voorbereide verklaring oor ‘n plaasmoord in Noordwes die vorige nag. Die partyleier weier egter om die verklaring uit te reik omdat die ANC dan sê hy is ‘n meeloper van die witmense, en so haal ‘n mediaverklaring Beeld waar die Wes-Kaapse leier hom oor ‘n plaasmoord in Noordwes uitlaat.

Kort hierna word die partyleier deur ‘n gewone lid gekonfronteer oor die party so min oor plaasaanvalle sê. Seepglad word dit die media se skuld: “Maar ons reik gereeld verklarings oor plaasaanvalle uit, dis die media wat dit nie dra nie.” Nodeloos om te sê die betrokke provinsiale leier is nie meer lid van die party nie.

Maar hoe lyk die aanbied van die boodskap, publisiteitsfoefie of nie, waarvoor die regering en ‘n aantal ander partye so doof is?

As Afriforum, wat van ‘n publisteitsfoefie beskuldig is, en plaasaanvalle saam ge-Google word lewer dit 17 400 trefslae op. Afriforum en plaasmoorde het 30 200 trefslae. Afriforum en plaasmoord het 34 900 trefslae, en Afriforum en farm murder 9 860. Daar is nog kombinasies in Afrikaans en Engels wat ingevoer kon word. Beeld se argief vir Afriforum en plaasmoord* lewer 47 trefslae op.

Maroela Media en plaasmoord lewer 2 280 Google-trefslae op, wat skrikwekkend baie is vir ‘n kuberkoerant wat net meer as ‘n jaar oud is. Voeg daarby nog trefslae wat die meervoud en ook plaasaanval en plaasaanvalle sou oplewer en die grusaamheid blyk duidelik.

“TLU SA” en plaasmoord lewer 12 100 Google-trefslae op. “Agri SA” en plaasmoord lewer 21 900 trefslae op.

In Beeld se argief lewer DA en plaasmoord* 93 trefslae op. In Volksblad is dit 175, en in Die Burger 64.

Omdat die Volksblad dikwels oor plaasmoorde berig, word vir die ander vergelykings net na dié koerant se beriggewing oor politieke partye se “aandeel” in plaasmoorde gekyk: ACDP en plaasmoord* 53 (almal provinsiale nuusverklarings), Vryheidsfront* en plaasmoord 36, Cope en plaasmoord* 25 en CDP en plaasmoord* 17 (laasgenoemde is nie in die wetgewer verteenwoordig nie en kry nie veel algemene nuusdekking nie, hoewel meer as in Beeld en Die Burger).

Word ‘n individu deur plaasaanvalle geraak, kan hy of sy ook heelwat Google-trefslae oplewer. Word die skrywer van hierdie nuuskommentaar se naam saam met plaasmoord ge-Google lewer dit 14 400 trefslae op. En saam met plaasaanvalle 12 100. Meer bekende name sal meer trefslae oplewer.

Voeg hierby dat talle gemeenskapsrdiostasies en –koerante nie aan die kuberruim gekoppel is nie, en dit skets vaagweg ‘n prentjie van hoe dikwels plaasaanvalle en plaasmoorde die nuus in die land – en ook die buiteland – haal.

Geen analis kan tot enige ander slotsom kom nie as dat die regering uiters traag is om die probleem by die naam te noem. Dit skep die indruk van werklikheidsvervreemding by minstens ‘n deel van die gemeenskap.

Kenners wys daarop dat die trauma wat die slagoffers van plaasaanvalle beleef dikwels erger is as “gewone” trauma, en word soms viktiminologie genoem. Hierdie vorm van trauma word dikwels in verband gebring met die gevoel van blootgesteldheid, soos weens die kwesbaarheid van plase, maar ook die gevoel dat die persoon in die steek gelaat is deur diegene wat hom of haar moes beskerm (soos die regering met die afskaffing van die kommando’s).

‘n Tipiese soort inset is wanneer ‘n dowe oor gedraai word vir dit wat moontlik is. Op die oomblik is die landbou onder geweldige druk om stukrag aan verskeie regeringsprojekte te gee, maar na verwagting gaan die minister van arbeid Maandag aankondig dat die minimumloon vir plaaswerkers tot R105 per maand verhoog word. Agri SA se dr. Theo de Jager wys daarop dat dit tot sowat 100 000 werksverliese gaan lei, presies die teenoorgestelde as wat die Nasionale Ontwikkelingsplan beoog. Sekere bedrywe soos groenteboerdery sal na verwagting dan ter wille van oorlewing en Suid-Afrika se kosmandjie na buurlande moet verskuif.

En dit lyk onwaarskynlik dat van die emosioneel opgesweepte werkers wat op R150 per dag bly aandring tevrede sal wees met ‘n minimumloon van R105 per dag – al verhinder bloot ekonomiese werklikhede boere om meer as die minimumloon te betaal.

Boere in Suid-Afrika verloor voorts miljarde rande per jaar weens vee-, gewas- en gereedskapdiefstal, en ander soort plaasaanvalle soos brandstigting. Eskom probeer sy tariewe veel hoër as die inflasiekoers aanpas, wat op sy eie heelwat gevestigde boere uit die bedryf sal dwing, en beginnerboere feitlik geen kans op oorlewing bied nie.

Die ANC teer vir steun op populêre persepsies en dit besorg hom steun – maar dit skep ook onmoontlike verwagtings wat die regeertaak eintlik onmoontlik maak.

Met die wasmasjiene vir almal wat in 1994 beloof is wat nog nie opgedaag het nie, en koek wat omtrent tot ANC-verjaarsdagvieringe beperk is, raak die speelruimte vir nog beloftes sonder om ‘n Zimbabwe te trek bitter klein.

Maar so lank daar ‘n populistiese opvatting bestaan en selfs gevoed word dat selfs nog meer bloed uit die klip getap kan word, so lank, lyk dit, gaan die ANC hom doof hou vir die werklikhede daarbuite.

Want om op innoverende wyses te probeer om die regering se ver te kry om die werklikheid van plaasaanvalle in die oë te kyk is mos ‘n publisiteitsfoefie.

Deur Herman Toerien op 30 Januarie 2013


British man killed in robbery at South African farm
David Smith in Johannesburg on 20.02.2013 um 10:28 (UTC)
 A British man who emigrated to South Africa and planned to turn a farm into a nature reserve and rehabilitation centre for owls and cheetahs has been stabbed to death during a robbery in which about £210 and a mobile phone were stolen, police said on Monday.

Chris Preece, 54, stepped outside to investigate a power cut when he was attacked by three men with machetes. "Preece fled to the house, but the attackers chased after him and continued the assault," said police spokesman Phumelelo Dhlamini.

Police were alerted on Sunday morning by workers reporting for duty at the Fleur des Lis farm near Ficksburg, a town close to South Africa's border with Lesotho. The murder weapons were discovered but no arrests have been made.

Preece's guard dogs are believed to have been poisoned after he took them out on Saturday night, according to the Volksblad newspaper. Preece became concerned when they did not return and was attacked soon after. His 56-year-old wife, Felicity, was stabbed several times and suffered a fractured skull. She is said to be in a stable condition in hospital.

The couple's daughter-in-law, Jeanne Preece, told Volksblad: "The robbers threw her against the walls, slashed her and left her for dead covered in blood. And for what? A bit of money, a wallet and a few cellphones."

Preece, originally from Southgate, north London, moved to South Africa in 1995 to work as a geotechnical engineer for a mining company, she said. He worked in Johannesburg and spent weekends at the farm, 200 miles away, where his wife and other relatives lived. The couple gave horse riding lessons to children.

It is said to be the second murder, and fifth violent robbery, in the region in the past month. This comes against a backdrop of protests on South Africa's wine farms and years of tension in which white farmers have argued they are targeted in racially motivated attacks.

The most notorious recent example was the hacking to death of white supremacist Eugene Terre'Blanche on his farm in 2010.But some commentators deny that farmers are being singled out, noting that, on average, 42 people a day are murdered in South Africa, one of the most violent and unequal societies in the world. The vast majority of victims are black.

Jeanne Preece said" I tell people this wasn't a farm murder! He wasn't a farmer. He was in love with this land."

Wouter Wessels, a spokesman for the pro-Afrikaner Freedom Front Plus party, said estimates that 3,000 white farmers had been killed since the end of racial apartheid in 1994 were "roundabout" right.

But he admitted: "There are no official statistics available. All murders should be condemned but, when we have a people being viciously targeted, we need figures to look at it and find a solution. I think race does play a part."

Wessels called for farm murders to be made a "priority crime" and condemned the killing of Preece, adding: "The image that is being created in the international community is dangerous and that is having a detrimental effect on our economy."


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