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Briton Chris Preece latest victim of South Africa's farm murders
southafrica@genocidewatch.org. on 20.02.2013 um 10:27 (UTC)
 Londoner hacked to death and wife left seriously injured in latest attack on white farm owners The murder of a British man, Christopher Preece, on a South African farm at the weekend has reignited a debate about the alleged "genocide” of the country's white farmers. Fifty-four-year-old Preece, a geologist from Southgate, North London, was hacked to death with knives and machetes on his Fleur de Lis farm in Ficksburg Free State, near Bloemfontain, on Saturday night, but the news only emerged yesterday. He had gone outside to look for his dogs, which are said to have been poisoned by his attackers. Waylaid by three armed men, he fled for his home but was followed inside and killed.
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South African farmers fearing for their lives
By Erin Conway-Smith, Pretoria on 20.02.2013 um 10:26 (UTC)
 On Saturday, in an unprecedented move to mark the second anniversary of the slaughter of a farming family, survivors of farm attacks marched in Pretoria and called for attacks on South Africa's mostly white farmers to be designated a crime of national priority.
By Erin Conway-Smith, Pretoria
7:52PM GMT 01 Dec 2012
Since the attack on Attie Potgieter and his family, the simple stone farmhouse where they lived has stood empty and crumbling, with nobody wanting to live in the home where one of South Africa's most disturbingly brutal crimes took place.

Mr Potgieter, a farm caretaker, was stabbed and hacked 151 times with a garden fork, a knife and a machete near Lindley in the Free State - the agricultural heart of the country.

His wife, Wilna, and two-year-old daughter, Willemien, were both made to watch him die, before being shot in the head, execution style.

All for pocket money, and possessions of relatively little value – a too-common story in South Africa's rural areas, where mostly white Afrikaner farmers feel they are being targeted in gratuitously violent attacks on their remote farms and smallholdings. They accuse police and government of failing to make these crimes a priority. And as the horrifying murders continue, they are growing increasingly angry.

"If you kill a rhinoceros in South Africa, you get more time in jail then if you kill a person," said Susan Nortje, 26, Mrs Potgieter's younger sister. "I don't think people understand. We must show people what's really happening."


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