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White Genocide


The South Africanfarming community has suffered from attacks for many years.The majority of the victims have been Afrikanerfarmers, with claims of death tolls of up to 3,000 cited in the national and international media.While the government describes the attacks as simply part of the bigger picture of crime in South Africa, white farmers point to brutal attacks and incidents involving self-declared anti-white motivations as evidence of a campaign to drive them off their land.

In 2010, the issue garnered greater international attention in light of the murder of the far-right political figure Eugène Terre'Blanche



South Africa Facing White Genocide
While most of the world refuses to acknowledge what is happening in largely communist-controlled South Africa, the non-profit group Genocide Watch declared last month that preparations for genocidal atrocities against white South African farmers were underway and that the early phases of genocide had possibly already begun. In the long run, Genocide Watch chief Dr. Gregory Stanton explained, powerful communist forces also hope to abolish private-property ownership and crush all potential resistance.

According to experts and official figures, at least 3,000 white farmers in South Africa, known as Boers, have been brutally massacred over the last decade. Many more, including children and even infants, have also been raped or tortured so savagely that mere words could not possibly convey the horror. And the problem is growing worse, international human rights monitors and South African exiles say. The South African government, dominated by the communist-backed African National Congress (ANC), has responded to the surging wave of racist murders by denying the phenomenon, implausibly claiming that many of the attacks are simply regular crimes. Despite fierce criticism, authorities also stopped tracking statistics that would provide a more accurate picture of what is truly going on in the so-called “Rainbow Nation.”

In many cases, the murders are simply classified as “burglaries” and ignored, so the true murder figures are certainly much higher than officials admit. The police, meanwhile, are often involved in the murders or at least the cover-ups, multiple sources report. A white South African exile living in the United States told The New American that when victims are able to defend themselves or apprehend the would-be perpetrators, many of the perpetrators are found to be affiliated with the ruling ANC or its youth wing. Experts are not buying the government’s cover-up. "The farm murders, we have become convinced, are not accidental," said Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watch during a fact-finding mission to South Africa last month. It was very clear that the massacres were not common crimes, he added — especially because of the absolute barbarity used against the victims. "We don't know exactly who is planning them yet, but what we are calling for is an international investigation that will try and determine who is planning these murders."

Indeed, most honest analysts concede that the thousands of brutal killings and tens of thousands of attacks are part of a broader pattern. And according to Dr. Stanton, who was also involved in the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa and has decades of experience examining genocide and communist terror, the trend points toward a troubled future for the nation.“Things of this sort are what I have seen before in other genocides,” he said of the murdered white farmers, pointing to several examples including a victim’s body that was left with an open Bible on top and other murder victims who were tortured, disemboweled, raped, or worse. “This is what has happened in Burundi, it’s what happened in Rwanda. It has happened in many other places in the world.” 
Please Help Stop White Genocide In South Africa




Stop the white genocide in South Africa

The white Boer farmers that live in South Africa are being killed simply because of the colour of their skin. It is a near daily occurrence that a white family has to bury a loved one and most of the time it has to be a closed casket ceremony due to the vicious mutilation of the body/bodies.

White Boer farmers are attacked, raped, tortured, mutilated and dehumanized for no other reason then the colour of their skin. (A clear violation of their human rights)These attacks are not just limited to grown men and women. On many occasions small children and even babies have been tortured and killed.One sickening attack involved a six month old baby who was wrapped in tinfoil and cooked alive. His only crime according to his killers was the colour of his skin.Since the early 90s there has been more then 70,000 men, women and children tortured, raped, mutilated and dehumanized many times this occurs while their families are forced to watch, before they themselves are killed.

Elderly people are targeted as well. A elderly couple was attacked when returning home from a church service one Sunday morning.
The elderly man was forced to watch while five South Africans beat, raped, mutilated and violated his wife.
The elderly women was then beheaded.
The attack then turned to the elderly man who was then also raped, beaten and beheaded.

It is our firm belief that the United Nations needs to recognize this Genocide and use its power to demand an end to this cold blooded murder of white South Africans. These white farmers need our help before they and their families are faced with total genocide. The lack of debate/discussion by world leaders on this serious issue shows a lack of conviction in the "equals rights for all" that they preach on a daily basis.

We ask where are the human rights for South Africans? 
Stop White Genocide in South Africa

There is a very real and deliberate Genocide happening right now in South Africa. Everyday white South African's in the Cities and in Rural area's are being assaulted, tortured, raped, robbed, discriminated against and even murdered. The sad thing is that many of you reading this know nothing about it. That STOPS now.

This website will be updated as often as possible to bring you more infomation on this Genocide. Only together can we spread the news of this and help the White population in South Africa.
The Silent Genocide of White People in South Africa!
I ask you all to honesty think about what is going down in South Africa when it comes to white people. I am white South African and like many of my generation I have had to flee my homeland to the safety of other countries. There has been over 3500 White farmers murdered since the end of Apartheid. I have friends who fled South Africa with me but since returned home over 3 years ago and I am worried sick that something may happen to them, I know several of them already have 'vanished'. The problem is the mainstream media is keeping pretty silent about all this as not to scare holiday goers.

White Genocide in South Africa by Dr David Duke

The murders there are not some random occurrence, they are gruesome and brutal crimes specifically directed at the White race. The ANC, their Youth League and Black South Africans hold political meetings were they literally chant “kill the Boers! kill the farmers!” and that is inciting racial hatred and is a crime, but it goes unpunished.

But it's not just farmers in remote rural areas that are being murdered, Whites everywhere in the country end up as victims in all this and the actual number of Whites dead overall is over ten times higher than the stated 3500 farmers. When I went back to South Africa for a holiday I visited one of my friends who lives in Johannesburg. They had their own community and excluded themselves from society because of fear. All the houses in the neighborhood were like fortresses with high walls with barbed wire and embedded broken glass, motion sensitive lights and even trained attack dogs. They had civilians patrolling in cars with radios looking out for suspicious people and almost every home I went into they owned umpteen firearms, all ready and loaded.


This is an ongoing crisis and wont stop while the ANC advocates it and South Africa should have never been allowed to host the World Cup. Most of my young white South African generation have left the country because of the relentless murder campaign waged by heavily-armed, well organised black male gangs against white people. Over 800,000 people out of a total white population of 4 million have left South Africa since 1995, taking core skills and education with them. Unbelievably horrific tortures, rapes and deaths are happening daily in South Africa against white people yet the media in the West say almost nothing about it and the ANC just cover up this genocide and put it down to criminality.

White Genocide Spreads to South Africa

Nothing could be more predictable. The white genocide that has characterized the hellish socialist regime in Zimbabwe is spreading to the quintessential politically correct utopia, South Africa. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch US reports:“We at Genocide Watch have enough suspicion that there may be an organised effort at a genocide in South Africa, and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.”He also undertook to take all the information he had gathered on his fact-finding tour in South Africa to Samantha Power, head of the US Atrocities Prevention Board, as well as to the FBI’S Genocide Prevention Unit.

Somehow I doubt a flaming moonbat like Samantha Power is going to take much interest, despite the recent violence and president Jacob Zuma of Nelson Mandela’s
African National Congress urging the public to kill Boers. She doesn’t seem to know what the word genocide means.Stanton offers wise advice to South Africans:“For God’s sake don’t ever give up your guns, despite the gun laws.”Wiser still would be a recommendation to get out of the country as soon as possible although eventually there will be nowhere left to run.Those with strong stomachs are referred to Pat Dollard for graphic examples of what moonbattery has wrought in this formerly civilized country. No doubt the New York Times will be able to find a “golden lining” to the bloodshed  as it has with the genocide, socialist thuggery, and ensuing starvation in Zimbabwe.


White Genocide In South Africa


Since 1994, an estimated 68798 white South Africans have been murdered of which 4041 were commercial farmers. True figures are very hard to come by as the South African police fail to report most of the murders that take place. There is also no distinction between white and black victims in crime records.


A genocide in South Africa


To attain a goal through ideology you need two things: a vision for a better future but also a vision of terrible evil if the alternative to the vision is followed.  An ideology always benefits some elite groups, and the one-world ideology benefits multi-national corporations that get the mineral rights.  The process is very corrupt: Western governments appropriate tax money paid by their citizens and transfer it to elites in the Third World for the mineral rights to go to multi-national corporations; this also frees populations to be brought to the west as cheap labour and our work to be relocated where people live on subsistence wages.

Having encouraged wage-slaves from the Third World they publicly apologise for historical slavery!

There is racial genocide of the South African Boers taking place as I write and the Western media know all about it because they have agents and reporters there, but keep it from the outside world, presumably to allow it to go on.


Blood Earth and South Africa’s White Farmers


On March 8, the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) requested economic sanctions against the President and Parliament of South Africa until they provide white farmers with adequate protection. TAU believes 99.9 % of farm murders are of whites, and is requesting an EU resolution on their behalf.1

From 2001 to 2010, 129 South Africans were granted asylum in the U.S.. Refugee claimants are reported to have difficulty finding support from U.S. academics who assess South Africa as a post-apartheid society. Suggested sites for immigration are currently the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany and Ireland.2 A website of the Dutch based Afrikaner Rescue Action Fund, concerned with Afrikaner refugees suggests a psychology of long term exclusion, and close to a million Afrikaners in poverty and squatter camps. It claims white Africans aren’t being integrated into the economy, but shows no concern for the poverty of other South Africans. In November 2011 an Afrikaner website, “Long walk since freedom,” was barred by the South African government from carrying current news items.

White Genocide In South Africa - Here Are The Names


White Genocide in South Africa

"The death of Mr Terreblanche is a declaration of war by the black community of South Africa to the white community that has been killed for 10 years on end." 

Eugene Terreblanche, leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), was found brutally and savagely bludgeoned to death at his farm in South Africa's North West province. A 21-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy have been arrested and charged with his murder.

Every single headline calls Terreblanche a "white supremacist," alluding to his position in the waning days of the apartheid government, thirty-odd years ago. But the real story here is not that Terreblanche was a "white supremacist" -- if he really was (and I know how the left loves to throw around those labels). Whether he was or not, the man was brutally murdered, and I had to go through ten newspaper accounts to find out how he was murdered. The liberal media had to dehumanize him first. And not one newspaper account speaks of Black supremacism -- yet that is the really important story in South Africa today. All I see in South Africa is Black supremacism. Terreblanche may have been a white supremacist, but he's the dead one.

The white genocide is heating up in South Africa: South Africa race tension grows. The whites in South Africa are keenly aware of the plans to kill them, better known as "The night of the long knives." They expect it to happen very soon after the death of Mandela, but to tell this to the world is a waste of energy. Atlas has been reporting on this horror that the savages in the media ignore.

More than 3,000 White farmers have been murdered. The Boer farmers in South Africa are on Genocide Watch.org Alert.

Julius Malema, head of the ruling ANC's (African National Congress) Youth League, sings the racially charged apartheid-era song with the words "kill the Boer." South Africa's High Court ruled that the song was hate speech, although the ANC is appealing. The African National Congress (ANC) has been South Africa's governing party, supported by its tripartite alliance with the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and the South African Communist Party (SACP), since the establishment of non-racial democracy in April 1994. It defines itself as a "disciplined force of the left".

Under ANC rule (which is communist party rule), the government has stopped reporting the race of murder victims and the race of the murderer. This is because the international community (mainly GenocideWatch.org) was noticing that there was a disproportionate amount of whites being murdered in South Africa -- so the ANC stopped reporting the race of victims of murder, so that there would be no way to track if murders were race based. Problem solved.

Boer is Afrikaans for a farmer, but is sometimes used as a disparaging term for any white in South Africa.

The genocide of Boers taking place in South Africa is never spoken of. Particularly the Boer Farmers -- it is called Plaas Moorde. In America you find little to no dialogue about the genocide of thousands of farmers in South Africa, because it's black against white. It is politically incorrect to call attention to the deaths of these human beings. And we have been taught to believe that the ANC and Nelson Mandela are the "good guys." The western media has made all whites in South Africa out to be racist monsters. This is simply not the case, and I would remind people that one of the steps to genocide is to dehumanize the target -- dehumanize the Boer. (more)

What is happening in South Africa against the White population is a crime against humanity. Savage. And no one will speak of it.

Boere Genocide


The Boer Genocide is the phenomenon that includes all activities aimed at promoting the extinction of the Boer volk, then: all actions that work for its elimination, in a physical sense (killing operations); in a spiritual and biological sense (operations of contamination); in an identity sense (operations to delete or confuse identity). A volk exists until exist its people; until it is aware of its specificity; until it is coherent with its own spirit, its own blood, and its own identity. This coherence marks the boundaries of each volk.

From The Old

Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer,’ chanted the black protestors from the Young Communist League, who were gathered at the gates of the Bethlehem, Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School on January 28 2010, while ‘handing over a petition’ against the presence of the region’s only remaining Afrikaans-language high school. The chairman of the school’s management committee, Dr Henk Basson, said he was deeply concerned about the hate-speech and the calls for murdering all the whites at the school, and had thus sent the children home early becauses of these threats. “Our school is being turned into a political playing-ball for certain groups’ secret agendas, despite Pres Zuma’s recent plea for quality-education and despite his warnings against politically-motivated protests at schools,’ he said.

Stop Genocidal attacks on the lives of White South Africans
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Stop Genocidal attacks on the lives of White South Africans zu verbinden, registriere dich noch heute für Facebook.

Genocide of White Farmers in South Africa Continues -- World Yawns

The African National Congress has been South Africa’s governing party since the Presidency of Nelson Mandela 17 years ago, following the end of white minority rule and apartheid. In the years under apartheid, hate speech was used by both supporters and opponents of the apartheid system to stir up their followers. When racial tensions in South Africa ran high, the song “Kill the Farmer, Shoot the Boer” was a revolutionary song of the anti-apartheid movement. However, it is an illustration of the long-term impact that such de-humanizing language can have.After many years when such songs were no longer sung, in 2010, prominent members of the ANC Youth League, in particular Julius Malema, President of the ANC Youth League, openly sang the “Shoot the Boer” song at ANC Youth League rallies. Not only did revival of the song strike fear into the hearts of Boer farmers, but it has actually been sung during attacks on white farmers. It is an incitement to murder white Afrikaner farmers.

Over 3000 white farmers have been murdered since 1994. The South African police have not made investigation and prosecution of these farm murders a priority, dismissing them as crimes by common criminals. The government has disbanded the commando units of white farmers that once protected their farms, and has passed laws to confiscate the farmers’ weapons. Disarmament of a targeted group is one of the surest early warning signs of future genocidal killings. A recent outbreak of violent farm invasions has led to casualties among white South Africans. The farm invasions are direct results of calls by Julius Malema and his Deputy, Ronald Lamola for whites to give up their land without compensation, or face violence by angry black youths “flooding their farms
White South Africans: Genocide Watch upgrades South Africa to Stage 6 "Preparation",

South Africa is a very dangerous place. SA is also a very safe place. It depends on who you are and where you are. I will never be sceptical about the outrage and pain of a victim or the family and friends of a victim of crime. Murder, rape, hijacking and robbery rip people’s lives apart and deeply traumatise communities. But I do get annoyed when certain communities turn the crime epidemic into a political tool to vent their anger about other things in our society they dislike.

In conservative and right-wing white circles, for instance, the high number of attacks on farmers is labelled a white genocide. This campaign is even waged internationally, as we saw last week when Archbishop Desmond Tutu was shouted down and insulted at a public occasion in the Netherlands. The internet is overflowing with racist propaganda from SA and from South African expats that SA is a murderous, anarchic place where whites are targeted by violent criminals. There is no white genocide. Whites are not specifically targeted by criminals. The only time they appear to be the preferred target of criminals is when criminals assume that they would have more material possessions than the average black person.
Boer Genocide: White Afrikaners in Europe

The UNPO, despite the protests of the Boers, includes among his representatives the “Afrikaners” (with reference to all Afrikaans-speaking whites), that are not a volk, and not the Boers, who instead are.The fact that white Afrikaners have obtained representation at UNPO misusing the history; the flags; and the martyrs of the Boer volk; isn't only a theft, but an act of Boer Genocide, because to steal a volk of his identity is an act of genocide.
South Africa Project

The South Africa Project is not an organization it is a PROJECT to make the outside world aware of what is taking place in South Africa. We held marches all over the United States on February 27, 2012 and then we took the issue to the streets of Washington DC September 22, 2012.What is taking place in South Africa? While I am writing this article a White woman, a man or a child is tortured, raped or murdered in the most unspeakable manner. This article is not what is happening in this tragic country, I have written and talked about this a thousand times.


New we have evidence of organized incitement to violence against white people. It began with the rise of Julius Malema, President of the African National Congress Youth League, who began singing the old anti-Boer song: "Kill the Boer" at rallies of the Youth League, then called for expropriation of white owned lands while he was in Zimbabwe visiting Robert Mugabe, and has most recently called Botswana's racially harmonious society "neo-colonial", and has called for the overthrow of Botswana's government. Malema is a racist Marxist-Leninist. The failure of the leadership of the ANC to discipline him and remove him from the Presidency of the ANC Youth League, and his recent reelection to the Presidency of the ANC Youth League (despite his age of 30), have led Genocide Watch to conclude that violence against whites is now being planned and incited by one of the most important leaders of the new South Africa.
The Right Perspective


A leader of White-Afrikaner-Boers has written an impassioned plea to the United Nations to intervene in the silent genocide taking place against his people in South Africa.“We have a full-blown genocide raging against the Boerevolk,” Dr. Lets Pretorious said in an exclusive interview with The Right Perspective. “It is escelating day-to-day in South Africa.”In addition to the approximately 3,800 White-Afrikaner-Boers killed in plaasmorde attacks across the country, many tens of thousands in urban areas also are assaulted, mutilated, tortured,  and torched to death inside their cars and homes in an ethnic-cleansing campaign crossing all normal societial boundaries.


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